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Wireless Technology Learned Here

When you think about it, wireless technology is pretty amazing. Invisible to the naked eye, wireless connects us in so many different ways. It empowers us to be productive, socially engaged, and it keeps us informed and entertained.

Mobile Wireless Access Meets the Internet

The convergence of packet data networking with mobile wireless technology has been revolutionary, and is probably best represented today by the powerful capabilities found on our smartphone.

A single (physical) wireless channel can deliver data, video, audio or voice services to the end user’s device (a smartphone in our case) regardless of where the source content is located. This same wireless connection supports high velocity as the user’s device hands-off seamlessly from one site on the network to the next.

Innovative applications continue to emerge from the confluence of advances in wireless access, and internetworking technologies. With it, new approaches to network design continue to emerge.

Cellular Monopoles
Cellular Monopoles

Connections Beyond Planet Earth

Wireless technology doesn’t just keep planet Earth connected, it also connects us to other worlds.

NASA’s deployment of the Perseverance rover along with its payload, the robotic helicopter Ingenuity, demonstrate that we can experience Mars while here on Earth thanks to wireless technology. Equally amazing, this same technology also allows us to remotely control that experience from back here on Earth.

Illustration of Perseverance Rover on Mars
Illustration of Perseverance Rover on Mars

Wireless Technology Courses

Whether you are a hobbyist or considering a career in the ever-evolving world of wireless systems engineering, Zero to Daylight have the resources to get you started and moving forward. Our courses are rich with video, illustrations and audio to ensure you have the clearest path to comprehension.

AEHF (Advanced Extremely High Frequency) Satellite
AEHF (Advanced Extremely High Frequency) Satellite

Our Systems Level Perspective

At Zero to Daylight, our focus is on system level applications as opposed to exploring an “app” you may be considering for your smartphone. If a smartphone app is integral to the operation of a broader wireless system we are looking at, we will cover it in the context of a user interface for the system.

Conversely, we spend little time at the circuit board level, or delving into electronics theory. Instead, whenever it makes sense, we point you to third party resources in the event you want a more granular understanding.

Supportive Community

We are building a community where both experts and newcomers are welcome to share their questions, ideas, knowledge, and experience. Watch for our feature-rich, state of the art, learner forums coming soon.

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